Sitemap - 2022 - The Bee Report

Strawberries are smaller when bees ingest pesticides. Isolated mountaintops teem with unique insect communities. Royal beekeeper had to inform Queen Elizabeth's bees of her death.

Harmful pesticides found in milkweeds from retail nurseries. Flowering plants are 150 million years older than previously thought. Dawson's burrowing bee at risk from tourists and careless drivers.

IRA has $20 billion to fix farms – and help pollinators. How is climate change stressing bees? Look at their wings. Backyard mosquito spraying may be deadly to bees.

U.S. Congress is set to pass a huge wildlife conservation bill. Self‑pollinating plant shows rapid loss of genetic variation. Survey finds native New York pollinators at risk.

Crustaceans ‘pollinate’ seaweed. Could carbon dioxide be a new tool against varroa mites? Burned forest now landscape abuzz with bees and flowers.

What is behind the dramatic decline in bee populations? Moths pollinate clover flowers at night, after bees have gone home. If insects feel pain, should we reconsider how we experiment on them?

The DNA of hundreds of insect species is in your tea. When humans are forced to replace the bees they killed. Urban ag can promote bee communities in tropical cities.

Bumble bees kept in isolation become social butterflies later. Ag consortium seeks to appeal recent ruling that protects bumble bees. Computer model to predict whether a pesticide will harm bees.

Growing a highway for U.K.'s insect ‘commuters’. Endangered Species Act restored in U.S. Reflections on the state of bee monitoring.

Rare bumble bee sighted in Wales. State of emergency for Australian honey bees. A third of Brits have no idea why bees are so important.

Once-Common California bumble bees have gone missing. EU proposes cutting pesticides by half by 2030. Clues to wild bee health found in their gut microbiome.

Social life of Australian bee offers insights on evolution. Exposure to novel insecticide impairs bumble bee behavior. Monarch butterfly numbers are solid – or are they?

What's the best way to measure pollinator attractiveness in cultivated flowers? Native Hawaiian bees get federal protection money. Glyphosate weedkiller damages wild bee colonies.

California court paves way for protection of imperiled bumble bees. Using bees to create bioplastics. A new short film about the secret microbial world of bees.

Lawsuit challenges USDA’s failure to protect endangered species from insecticide. Citizen science finds multiple habitats need protecting to save U.K. bumble bees. Plus: The bee genome project.

Happy World Bee Day! The surprising downside of #NoMowMay. Amsterdam may start licensing or restricting bee hives. Pollinators are stars of Chelsea Flower Show in U.K.

Documenting Montana's wild bees. A new, colorful way to attract pollinators to crops – and benefit farmers. Australian Mint releases honey bee coin: What message does it send about bees?

How bees activate natural medicine against parasite infection. Pollinators and herbivores influence each other's evolution. Tiny sensor used to track monarch migrations.

New Great Plains Bumble Bee Atlas launched. Pesticides may make male bees less attractive. Can art help save the insect world?

Climate crisis could lead to rise of smaller bees. Developing a commercial bumble bee clean stock certification program. There's a really weird effect when honey bees fly over a mirror.

How many bee species does a meadow need? Research detects metabolic stressors in bee brains. Robot bee project to study buzz pollination.

Feral honey bees pose threat to endangered seabirds. Bees and birds are the secret to better coffee. Native parasite thrives alongside its bee host.

Parable of the world’s largest bee. Swanscombe saved – for now. Hairy-footed Flower Bee spotted in Ireland for the first time.

What happens when an invasive bumble bee overwhelms an ecosystem? Counting bees needs a recalibration. Putting up parking lots put bumble bees at risk.

Taiwanese freeway lane closed for butterfly migration. Evolution of flowers helped boost diversity of sounds on Earth. ‘Mini-meadows’ can be rich habitats for pollinators.

‘Injurious weeds’ benefit pollinators more than official plants. Amazon’s canopy contains a dazzling multiverse for insects. U.S. set to extend use of toxic pesticides.

When do honey bees compete with native bees? Being near pollinator habitat boosts soybean size. EPA to consider endangered species when approving pesticides – without threat of lawsuits.

Insect wingbeats could help monitor insect biodiversity. Antibiotics used on food crops may be starving bees. Hundreds of new native bees species added to Oregon database.

Rare Texas pollinator plant being driven to extinction. BioQuip closing operations. Some bees became extinct before they were discovered.

What are honey bee researchers missing about industrial ag? Cuckoo bumble bee one step closer to endangered species protection. Locating genes that may help bumble bees adapt to environmental change.

Become a Friend of the Bee Report. The plant viruses that hitchhike on pollen. National Butterfly Center closing after right-wing attacks. Spring arrives a month earlier in U.K.

Monarchs rebound but still below historic population. Stingless bee colonies have to kill thousands of wannabe queens. But also: How can queen bees live so long?

Urban bees face flower deficit. Air pollution confuses bees, reduces pollination. Bee bricks initiative may do more harm than good. Disney feeds gingerbread houses to bees.

The speed of climate change is unbalancing the insect world. NJ passes legislation to limit use of pesticides. Bush tomato fools bees with ‘fake’ pollen. Do pollinators prefer dense flower patches?

More trees means healthier bees. Beekeepers detained in Chilean protests. Where giant honey bees rest during migration. And bee bycatch: trash or treasure?