Sitemap - 2021 - The Bee Report

Airport sues to dismiss lawsuit protecting Bell Bowl Prairie. Bee Better Certified gets more funding. Plus a pair of stories about transparent butterflies.

Top 10 bee-related stories from 2021

Bees fall from the sky when the lights go out. Where did western honey bees come from? Court rejects California’s pesticide approval. Are wildlife identification apps good for conservation?

Why insects are more sensitive than they seem. Only two out of 11 herbicide studies 'reliable'. Natural products may be buzzworthy solutions for honey bee health.

Insecticides can cause lasting harm across generations in bees. Meat-eating 'vulture bees' sport acidic guts. What the world can learn from Britain’s humble hedge.

Woodlands and hedgerows crucial for Welsh pollinators. Bee-harming pesticides exported from EU despite ban. Spring forest bees get their due. Enviro groups slowly diversify but funding gaps remain.

Wild heirs of lost British honey bee found. Airport says roadway can’t be redesigned to avoid prairie. Rising temperatures overcook bumble bees’ diet. How honey bees alert hive about murder hornets.

Halting pollinator crisis requires entomologists to step up. As-needed pesticide use increases wild bees and yields. ‘Mad-looking’ plant installation suits pollinators’ tastes.

Bell Bowl Prairie reprieve. Climate change threatens wild bees that blueberries need. The genetic pathway that colors bumble bee stripes. Is propolis the next big bee byproduct?

Will bees get their piece of infrastructure bill? The race to save Bell Bowl Prairie. MN law would require cities allow 'native landscapes'. Bee communities different in restored and remnant prairies.

Bees mentioned in monument proclamation. Half of Britain's biodiversity gone. Honey bees convert pollen to elastic pellets. Comparing pollination effectiveness of honey bees to other pollinators.

Aussie bees eligible for Red List. World's first bee-less honey unveiled. Bees' static buzz triggers floral fragrance. Honey bees travel farther for food in rural areas – according to waggle dance.

American bumble bee considered for Endangered Species protection. eBird data could help track bee health. The importance of pollinators to Florida farms. U.S. says 23 endangered species are extinct.

Endangered penguins killed by bees. New York State considers limiting neonics. Why do bees buzz? And monarchs, monarchs, monarchs.

Feds announce recovery plan for bumble bee, critics say it misses the mark. Scorecard: Are grocery retailers doing enough to save the bees? Xerces Society distributes thousands of pollinator plants.

MA bumble bees in trouble. Neonics have sub-lethal effects on non-honey bees. Butterflies more murderous than they look. Stop carpenter bees from remodeling your home (without killing them).

Will we find Franklin's bumble bee again? Rare bee rediscovered in UK. Help scientists learn about plasterer bees. And the murder hornet murder mystery is now streaming.

Franklin's bumble bee now protected. Thousands of Australian native bees emerge. Stingless bees produce rare healthy sugar. A few Canadians upset by bee poop.

UK reservoirs create network of habitat. Angry bees produce more lucrative venom. Bumble bees navigate using human pathways. Bumble bee flight suffers under heat extremes. A teenager and her bee.

This bee builds sandcastles. The supply and demand of nectar production. Sunflowers face east to attract more bees. And the return of wild pansies.

City bees benefit most from specific urban greening. Bayer pulling glyphosate. Odor learning bees have longer foraging careers. Flower flies can be a vector for common bee parasite.

Is it time to put the brakes on the beekeeping boom? Bumble bees stay on task with caffeine. Red mason bees think oak is a-ok. Learning optimal honeycomb design.

Blue butterfly goes extinct because of people. Consolidating farms in China has negative impact on wild pollinators. Bees recorded drinking human sweat and tears. And even more robot bees.

Midwest bumble bees declined with increased farming over past century. New study revisits 2013 pesticide bee kill in Oregon. Bumpy flowers improve color for bees. Robot bees continue to be a thing.

Not all sunflowers are the bee's knees. New bees in Vermont. Important pollinators in Tajikistan. And Goblin bees.

Early land clearance helped Fijian bee. Alaska bumble bees are thriving. Single honey bee is making an immortal clone army. How to prepare children for ecological decline.

First mainland records of unusual island bee. Coffee plants get bigger boost from bees. Saving America's Pollinators Act (re)introduced. Nocturnal bees use forest canopy to navigate.

Glyphosate persists for years in wild plants. Bumble Bee Atlas Blitz coming up. Feds plan to spray insecticides on Montana grasslands. Bees prefer flowers in forests (surprise!)

Rare stingless bee found in California – by 4 year old. Scientists develop mite-killing fungus. Honey bee abdomen hair reduces wear and tear. Backlash against TikTok Bee Lady.

New discoveries with rare Florida bee. Giant invasive bees could threaten native bees. Wild bees interrupted by extreme weather. AI identifies beetles with 85% accuracy.

Honey bees accumulate microplastics. "I saw a bumblebee" project launches in Argentina. Mystery of bees' social behavior deepens. Secret aerial sex lives of honey bees revealed – with radar.

World Bee Day. Roads disrupt pollination. Restoring an entire ecosystem. Welcome to Pollinator Park 2050.

Lost Dutch bee returns. The pandemic broke the honey bee supply chain. Bees gobble up fake pollen from orchids. Biodiversity should start in Biden's backyard.

New hot spot of bee diversity. Asking Amazon to save the bees. Training bees to smell coronavirus. Bee communication can signal colony health.

Forest flowers key to bumble bee survival. Kenyan farmers forced to hand-pollinate. N.Y.C. bans pesticides in parks. New "bird book" for bees.

Radioactive fallout in U.S. honey. Baby bees love carbs. 10 ways solar power can benefit bees.

Walmart announces new pollinator policy. Marks & Spencer plans to introduce 30 million honey bees. California agribusiness coalition wants to protect bees – or do they?

Special one-day showing of the Bees of GSENM!

Describing the bumble bee leg lift. Bees and other social insects can teach us about aging. 'Real honey without bees' startup prepares to launch.

Bees have bigger brains than ants and birds. Southern states will 'tropicalize' with climate change. What the global pollination 'trade' reveals about biodiversity.

Building a better bee – with LEGO

Using commercial bumble bees as pollinators is putting wild bees at risk

Rare Australian bee rediscovered. Regulators sue ethanol plant. Neonics threaten squash bees.

The bees of Africa. The bees of Wales.

How many native bees in your state or country?

The most important bee-related story of the year: That ethanol plant in Nebraska

Economic value of insect pollination higher than previously thought. The genetic past, present, future of honey bees. What the fossil record tells us about insect extinctions.

Mystery of flowers with two anthers solved, monarchs on verge of extinction, and wildfires result in more female bees.

Happy New Year (No, seriously. I mean it.)