Sitemap - 2020 - The Bee Report

Quick! Name your Top 5 favorite Bee Report stories from 2020

Fuzzy questions: How do we define native vs. non-native bees?

Surprise! Exotic leafcutter bee found in downtown Chicago

Endangered bees: two updates

Open for comment: EPA considering approval of brand new insecticide

How will bees fare under a Biden administration?

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

The mass-migrating flight of the bumble bee

Social then solitary – then social again?

This will go down on your permanent record: Food retailers get graded on their pollinator policies

Do bees even care if UV pigmentation is changing in flowers?

Protecting a thistle in New Mexico could be a big win for bees

The Bees of Grand Staircase-Escalante film has launched!

"So many unknowns": How will the wildfires impact bee populations?

Let's pack the 'house'! The Bees of Grand Staircase-Escalante film premieres Sept. 24

"Unreasonable, unlawful, unconscionable": Feds decide not to designate critical habitat for rusty patched bumble bee

Pop quiz! What do you know about bees and soil?

Name that Bumble Bee: Maybe machines can get pretty good at identifying images of bees

Bombus intelligentes: Let's start talking more about how smart and aware bees actually are

Buzz power: How well a flower transmits vibrations might make it more attractive to a bee

Counting bees: updates on two important research efforts

Artificial intelligence: Tool or distraction for bee taxonomy?

"We're not alone": How racism can exist in entomology – and how we can change it

Dream the impossible dream... of an in-focus bee photo

Listening to bees: What might we be missing out on?

No Mow May: Count all the flowers and bees

What's the alternative: What's the best way to collect and ID bees without killing them?

This week in beewatching: Is this who I think it is?

Flowers are like dirty doorknobs: Spreading disease among bees

A quick update this week...

12 Nests: An update on the Australian green carpenter bee

Last Resort: Captive breeding for bee conservation

'Yak-Killer': naming the Asian giant hornet

Save the chimney bees! A true story about rescuing native bees

Entobarbie: Getting up close with insects and being awed by them

Zach Portman: Taxonomy is a living science. Taxonomists deserve a living wage.

Kristen Brochu: The noxious relationship between pumpkin pollen and bumble bees

Scott McArt: A discussion of recent news stories about pesticides and bee health

Joe Wilson: Creating a children's book and effective science communication

Karin Gastreich: The prairie bees of Kansas City

Sheila Colla: Planning for the future of the rusty patched bumble bee

Hollis Woodard: Creating a national native bee monitoring network

Peter Soroye: Bumble bee declines and a new method for assessing the risk of local extinction

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So much bee-related news this month!

Can the green carpenter bee of Australia be saved?